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Upcoming Presentation

2020 Academy of Management 80th Annual Meeting Presentation Symposium 

Sponsored by OMT, STR, and TIM Divisions

Co-Construction of Shared Understandings Under Uncertainty:

Computational Linguistic Approaches
New Approaches to Study Co-Construction of Meaning


Organizer & Presenter: Jamie Seoyeon Song, INSEAD 

Discussant: Sameer B. Srivastava, U. of California, Berkeley 

Presenter: Derek Harmon, U. of Michigan 

Presenter: Timothy Hannigan, U. of Alberta 

Presenter: Matthew Corritore, McGill U. - Desautels Faculty of Management 

Symposium Overview

Stakeholders with different values and perspectives find it challenging to reach common understanding amongst themselves. Given the nature of pluralistic beliefs among various stakeholders that engage in interactions, the assumption that collective meanings emerge as a linear combination of knowledge by a set of actors is insufficient to understand how social understandings dynamically unfold over time through interactions. As such, the goal of this symposium is to showcase works that shed light on how different stakeholders dynamically co-construct shared meanings under uncertainty. The papers invited to the symposium study a wide range of contexts – entrepreneurship, organizational misconduct, and organizational volatility – under which it is crucial to construct shared meaning under uncertainty. Whereas it has been hard to study the concept due to the difficulty in measuring actual communication contents, the recent methodological advancement in computational linguistic methods enables us to accurately capture the communication contents and discourse patterns that underly the construction of shared meanings. The papers invited to the symposium employ a range of cutting-edge computational linguistic approaches to understand the language in relational terms and to expand our understanding of the co-construction of meaning.

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